Landscaping Melbourne


ingardens were brought into this property, to create a garden to mimic the natural dunes behind the residence,and create a Balinese garden to the front (leeward) side of the house. With a unique set of circumstances, due to the height of the building, the dunes within the property had to be reshaped to conform to building regulations, with the lack of space available, this was to prove impossible.

As a result large weathered granitic rock was brought in to retain some of the dunes, then sleeper offcuts were laid in the sand to delineate pathway areas. All dunes were then covered in a granitic sand to stop the erosive effects of the prevailing wind blowing the sand away, and the dune then planted out with native grasses, over time this will blend into the dunes at the rear of the property.

The Balinese side was to prove to be a little easier, with a simple formal sleeper path to the front door, and a large exposed aggregate driveway, a few rocks were placed within the gardens to tie the property together. The area was then planted out in a Balinese style, with a few strategically placed statues to complete the transformation.

“Landscaping Melbourne for over 20 years!”