Landscaping Melbourne

Inner City Courtyard

Our clients had found an empty block in South Yarra and had decided to build their dream home (see due to council regulations our clients needed to have  a certain percentage of open garden and a water tank fitted all in a space of 7 metres by 5 metres, representing a challenge to create a garden space with a Japanese influence.

In this project Ingardens were brought in at a very early stage, due to the fact that the only entrance into this inner city courtyard was through the house, our initial problem was to get all the rocks into the courtyard. This was planned well in advance with the builder before all the house windows were in. Three months later we were back to finish the works, we first placed the rocks around the new water tank to hide it, then placed soil over the top to allow for planting. Castlemaine was then laid without mortar as per the council regulations and all gaps planted out with Mondo grass. Boundary walls were then bagged and painted white to blend in with the new building, and a feature timber boundary fence installed behind the water tank.

The courtyard was then planted out with two mature Japanese Maples, which scaled the garden instantly, and underplanted with Azaleas, Japanese Sago Palms, Sacred Bamboo and Mondo grass.

The finishing touch was the installation of lighting, highlighting the courtyard to enormous effect, for that additional night viewing. 

“Landscaping Melbourne for over 20 years!”